Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where social and environmental initiatives are sustainable.

Our Mission

The mission of Innpact is to foster sustainable impact finance initiatives by providing innovative advisory, consulting and management support services.

We indeed believe that impact finance provides a unique opportunity to support innovative and sustainable business models aiming at solving social and environmental problems, very often at the base of the pyramid.

Our Values

We believe in...

Sustainability. Creating equitable development that lasts.

Reliability. Keeping our promises.

Respect. Treating people right.

Partnership. Together, we go further.

Innovation. Finding new ways to get things done.

That's why we use our financial expertise to do what traditional finance doesn't do naturally: enabling social and environmental initiatives to generate sustainable impact.

Tailor-made Consulting and Management Support Services

Based in Luxembourg, Innpact offers specialised consulting services in the establishment and management support of Impact Finance Initiatives with a strong expertise in vehicles supporting sustainable development sectors such as microfinance, climate finance, fairtrade, education, housing, biodiversity, responsible agribusiness or social entrepreneurship.

We assist promoters in the entire process of the establishment of investment vehicles, from the concept design to the actual inception of the investment vehicles. Innpact also assists and supports investment funds in governance, corporate and management matters through our General Secretary and Fund Management support services. We also support new investment advisors in the development of their fund management processes.

We further create value for impact finance actors by providing ad-hoc advisory services tailored to the specific needs of their projects and by sharing our knowledge and expertise of impact finance.

With our team of experienced consultants we serve a wide range of clients from development finance institutions to foundations, banks, NGOs, institutional investors and other consulting firms. We have been mandated to establish different types of funds from private equity funds to complex structured funds focusing on Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and LAtin America.

With over 15 funding structures designed, we have developed an unrivalled expertise in the development of layered  investment funds creating unique Public-Private Partnership platforms involving donor agencies, foundations, development finance institutions, international financial institutions and private institutional investors. In total, these investment structures account today for more than USD 4.5bn invested in impact finance

For more information on our services, please contact us at info@innpact.com or +352 27 02 93 1



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