Innpact Team Building in Sicily 21-25 October 201526.10.2015

Innpact chose Italy and specifically Sicily for its latest team building activity, including a stop-over in Rome for its first evening.

Every one of the 21 members of the impact finance consultancy firm participated in the organisation of the various activities.

The Innpact team members endorsed during this event Innpact's Vision and Mission and the Values embodied by the company.

During its team building activities, held every 18 to 24 months, Innpact aims to be involved with projects which are fully in line with its Vision and its Values.

Innpact supported the Italian food bank, Banco Alimentare, through one of its local offices close to Palermo. We participated for half a day to the selection and packaging of food donated by supermarkets. 

The repackaged food will be sent to charities which will distribute it to people in need, essentially migrants escaping the dramatic circumstances in their home countries.

We were also particularly impressed by the work done by Libera Terra which aims to give dignity to territories with a strong mafia presence through the creation of cooperative farms which are self-sufficient, thereby establishing a moral economic system based on legality, social justice and dignity while respecting the environment and its workers.

We visited one of these cooperative farms, Cooperativa Lavoro e Non Solo, situated in Corleone where the Sicilian mafia originates from. With the support of ARCI Toscana, this cooperative benefits from land confiscated from the mafia and produces organic food, essentially chick peas, lentils, tomatoes and grapes. The cooperative works with up to 400 volunteers during the peak season and between 7 and 20 permanent employees based on the season, many of which are migrants or excluded minorities who also benefit from a vocational training programme provided by the Cooperativa under the programme D.R.A.G.O. (Development Resources Agricultural Growth Organic).

As an example of its fight against the mafia, the Cooperativa holds a small exhibition in its Laboratorio della Legalitá (Laboratory of Legality) with paintings from an Italian artist which highlight the terrible consequences of mafia organisations on the Italian society and economy.

Innpact deeply thanks both associations for having greeted our company and for having sensitised us to their missions and activities.