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Management Services

Sound and sustainable governance
is in our DNA

Good corporate governance is at the heart of impact investing and we are here to make sure your fund’s governance is sound. We provide day-to-day support, expertly helping you steer, manage and operate your impact investment fund.

What we offer

Innpact Services IMM

We interact with public and private promoters and investors every day, so we know and understand your needs.

Board Advisory Services

Peace of mind

Personal advisor to the Board
of Directors and the fund

Fund Management Services

Focus on your strengths

Allowing the Investment Advisor to focus on pipeline development, investment advice and fundraising

Independent Directors

Benefit from our expertise

Management Services

Board Advisor

Board support

Board secretary
Board meetings

Fund support

Fund documentation
General meetings
Investor relationship

Fund management support

Portfolio management support
Risk management
ALM, cash, FX
Budget monitoring
Reporting & publications

Independent directorships

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Innpact provides advice on portfolio and fund management to emerging and established impact investment advisors who are experts in their scope of investments and want to quickly adopt best market practice of impact fund management. As experts in impact finance, Innpact offers a high value extension to your fund management team…

Our experts

Want to know more about our Impact Management Services? Contact our experts directly by clicking on the link below.

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Claudia Dambax
Associate Director
Head of Board Advisory Services

Sigridur Torfadottir
Associate Director
Head of Fund Management Services

Discover our other services

Innpact Services IMM

Strategy & Structuring

Designing and structuring your impact investment fund together

Innpact Services IMM


The only third-party AIFM in Luxembourg exclusively dedicated to impact investment funds

Innpact Services IMM

Fund Management in Mauritius

A dedicated team in Mauritius

Innpact Services IMM

Impact Management, SFDR & Taxonomy

Extensive impact management services including hands-on advice on how to ensure your Article 8 or Article 9 impact fund fully complies with SFDR and EU Taxonomy

Innpact Services IMM

Investment Services

Expert advice and guidance in your impact investment decisions.