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A dedicated third-party AIFM to support your impact funds

We are the only third-party Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) in Luxembourg exclusively dedicated to Impact Investment Funds.

What we offer

Innpact Services IMM

Our services are tailored to emerging and established asset managers, investing in private equity or private debt

Serving third party managers
and advisors

in impact finance

Serving investments

Innpact Services IMM

Relying on a fully regulated AIFM allows you as investment manager to focus on your strengths


As a specialist third-party AIFM, we can set up your regulated impact fund from inception through all stages

Credibility & expertise

More than 10 years of experience in setting up and management support for global impact funds

Like-minded partners

We bring a strong collaboration with impact finance committed partners, including legal advisors, fund administrators, custodians, auditors and FX advisors

Innpact Services IMM

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions tailored for your impact fund

Portfolio Management

Two models:
Whether you are:
• an external portfolio manager
• an investment advisor

Risk Management

Independent risk management with the added value of assessment of sustainability risks

Compliance Monitoring

Security of independent compliance with applicable rules and regulations

Regulatory Reporting

Preparing and filing the required regulatory reporting including all ESG and impact aspects

We integrate impact assessment in all steps of the investment process and throughout the lifetime of your fund

Innpact Services IMM

Additional services to facilitate the set-up, marketing and management of your impact fund

Strategy and structuring

We have sound expertise in impact finance funds and provide hands-on support to design and structure your fund.

Management services

We provide corporate secretary and domiciliation services for your Luxembourg AIF.

Distribution support

You benefit from our AIFM European passport to register your fund in European countries and fund raise with eligible investors.

Valuation Services

Independent valuation of private equity and private debt assets, that may include financial impact of sustainability risks.

Our AIFM references

SDG Investment Fund S.A., SICAV-RAIF – Energy Entrepreneurs Growth Fund (the “Fund”)

EEGF’s objective is to contribute to the increased provision of access to affordable, reliable, safe, sustainable and modern energy for underserved businesses or low-income consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ReOcean Fund SCSp, RAIF

ReOcean Fund’s aims to empower impactful solutions for our planet’s biodiversity, climate, ocean, and water resources with the vision of catalysing the next generation of ocean innovations to support the transition towards a net-zero, regenerative, and more equitable economy.

GGSF – Global Gender-Smart Fund S.A.

GGSF – Global Gender-Smart Fund’s aims to strengthen the provision of gender-smart and responsible financial services to underserved women, women-owned or women-led businesses in developing markets, with the aim to improve livelihoods, increase gender balance and outreach, and promote women’s leadership.

LCF3 – Livelihoods Carbon Fund

Livelihoods Carbon Fund SICAV-RAIF (LCF3) invests in large-scale natural ecosystem restoration, agroforestry, and rural energy projects in developing countries. Innpact Fund Management S.A. is the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) of LCF3. Our AIFM services include the core functions of risk, portfolio management and investment committee.

ACCT - Africa Conservation and Communities Tourism Fund

The Africa Conservation and Communities Tourism Fund SCSp SICAV-RAIF (ACCT) was established in 2021 by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Third Way Africa (TWA) in response to the impacts of COVID-19 to conservation, communities and tourism operators in Africa. Innpact Fund Management S.A. was selected as the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) of the fund.

FIR - Grameen Credit Agricole Fund

The investment objective of the FIR is to contribute to the fight against poverty in developing countries by providing access to adapted financial services to communities in rural areas. Innpact Fund Management S.A. was selected to be the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) of the FIR in early 2022.

SEFAA – Social Enterprise Fund for Agriculture in Africa

The fund’s mission is to contribute to enhancing the business ecosystem, income opportunities and thus the livelihood conditions of smallholder farmers in the agri-sector in sub-Saharan Africa. Innpact Fund Management S.A. was selected to be the AIFM of the fund.

ABC – Agri-Business Capital Fund

The ABC fund aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the agriculture value chain in developing low and middle-income countries with the initial focus on countries located in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Innpact Fund Management S.A. was selected to be the AIFM of the fund.

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With an increasing number of investors and of funds being raised to make impact investments contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is key to ensure that your impact fund applies best impact management practices at each investment step. To achieve this, our AIFM is your partner for Luxembourg regulated fund management services…

Our experts

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Innpact Services IMM

Strategy & Structuring

Designing and structuring your impact investment fund together

Innpact Services IMM

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A dedicated team in Mauritius

Innpact Services IMM

Impact Management, SFDR & Taxonomy

Extensive impact management services including hands-on advice on how to ensure your Article 8 or Article 9 impact fund fully complies with SFDR and EU Taxonomy

Innpact Services IMM

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State-of-the-art Board and Fund Management services to steer and operate your impact fund.

Innpact Services IMM

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