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ReOcean Fund SCSp, RAIF

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted

Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #13 Climate Action Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14 Life Below Water

Description of the Project

The Fund’s aims to empower impactful solutions for our planet’s biodiversity, climate, ocean, and water resources with the vision of catalysing the next generation of ocean innovations to support the transition towards a net-zero, regenerative, and more equitable economy. In this line of thought, the Fund as its Sustainable Investment Objective will provide financing by globally investing in innovative companies that:

  • Reduce key sources of pollution in the ocean,
  • Transform the way we produce blue food to preserve marine ecosystem,
  • Mitigate climate change through more sustainable use of the ocean,
  • Protect marine ecosystems and the critical services they provide, and
  • Inform and equip ocean stakeholders with robust and transparent data.

Innpact contribution

Innpact Fund Management S.A. was selected to be the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) in  2022 and worked with the initiators of the fund to be appointed as the AIFM of the Fund towards the end of Q4 2023. Monaco Asset Management is the appointed Portfolio Manager for the Fund and additional support services are being provided by Innpact S.A.

Project Factsheet

  • Name:  ReOcean Fund SCSp, RAIF
  • Inception: December 2023
  • AIFM: Innpact Fund Management S.A.
  • Portfolio Manager: Monaco Asset Management
  • Sector: Blue Economy
  • Geographic Focus: Global
  • End‐Beneficiaries: All actors linked to the blue economy sector
  • Financial Instruments: Private Equity
  • Type: Luxembourg SCSp, RAIF
  • SFDR Classification: Article 9

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ReOcean Fund website

Sustainability-related disclosures

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