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Hands-on from design to deployment

Marina Batzeri

Senior Analyst, Portfolio Operations

Marina Batzeri is Senior Analyst, Portfolio Operations at Innpact Fund Management S.A.

She joined Innpact as part of Microfinance Enhancement Facility team, prior to which she has established a solid professional background within the financial industry, where she has worked as consultant and fund reporting specialist for 4 years in various projects with main focus on banks and asset management. Beforehand, she completed an integrated traineeship program in the European Investment Bank, mainly involved in structuring of funds and negotiation of mandates within the Joint Initiative for sustainable rural development in the EU. She holds a BA(Hons) in Economics from the University of Piraeus (Greece), and an Advanced Master’s degree in Finance from the Graduate School of Management of the University of Rennes (France). Her genuine interest in developments through investments which have an impact on society by fostering the change and make a difference on people’s life, was an incentive to join Innpact.