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Public testimonies in memory of Corinne Molitor

“Thank you, Corinne, for your energy and your enthusiasm in making this world a better world. Your example will continue to guide us as we pursue the impact finance initiatives and businesses you set-up.”

Innpact team

“It has really shocked me to hear that Corinne passed away in the middle of her life. Great sadness and emptiness surround this moment.
I got to know Corinne when she supported the Board of the Green for Growth Fund for so many years. Her competence, engagement and enthusiasm for the Fund were always enlightening. Her openness, forward-moving and kindness made working with her very easy and pleasant. It was a great pleasure and privilege to work with Corinne. She made a great impact on the development of our Fund but also to the impact finance in Luxembourg. We will miss a big driving-force and a great person. Our thoughts are with Corinne’s family and the Innpact team in this difficult period.”

Olaf ZymelkaChairperson of the Green for Growth Fund

““We were on a walk in a beautiful mountain setting when, in the early morning of the 10th of August, I got the news of Corinne’s passing away from Philippe Depoorter. And always (since years actually) when I think of Corinne, the picture that comes to my mind first, is one of Corinne walking, in the company of Philippe and others, on a sandy, dusty path (probably leading up to Balashi Ghat, near the Friendship Center in Gaibandha) after a day in the Chars on River Brahmaputra. It was – more or less 10 years ago - among the first travels I made to Bangladesh with “sponsors” of Friendship Luxembourg, and it was at the beginning of the “Fishermen project” which was launched with the support of Banque de Luxembourg and substantial input from Corinne and which has developed quite remarkably since then.

Corinne was such a bright person in all the senses which this word has: intelligent of course, always smiling, friendly, positive, optimistic, dynamic, energetic, young … so much too young to leave us behind already now …Corinne was a constant friend of Friendship: within BDL first, within Innpact thereafter, upon her return from Thailand, and within ADA of course where she was supportive to a reinforced cooperation between ADA and Friendship’s social microfinance operations in remote settings in Bangladesh.

To me Corrinne’s passing away comes as a horror – the only word I could express towards Philippe when he brought me the news. A deep un-justice also, particularly vis-à-vis her kids whom it was given to me to see every year around New Year on the refreshing greeting cards she and Dan used to circulate to their contacts and friends.

Les meilleurs partent en premier …

We shall keep Corinne’s souvenir !"”

Marc ElvingerChairman Friendship Luxembourg, Partner at Elvinger Hoss Prussen

“We at Foyer Agence Pit Mangen were very saddened to hear of Corinne’s death. We send our condolences and our thoughts are with Corinne’s family.”

Foyer Agence Pit Mangen

“We had the opportunity to collaborate with Corinne for the organization of the Global Landscapes Forum the Investment Case Symposium last November in Luxembourg. Corinne was very engaged in promoting the ICFA Initiative and the selected fund managers cohort at a special event. We have to say this moment in the symposium has been recognized as the light of the day, with so much positive energy created in the room and, Corinne was the "chef d'orchestre" for this success. We will keep in mind her smiling and positive attitude vis-à-vis all colleagues, whatever their ranks and age. And be her strong drive for sustainable finance and a better world an example for us all”.”

John ColmeyManaging Director Global Landscapes Forum, Center for International Forestry Research

“Nous avons eu le privilège de croiser la route de Corinne au tout début de l'initiative Finethic et avions pu compter sur son engagement et son soutien pour la mise en place de l'un des premiers fonds de microfinance au Luxembourg. Nous l'avions retrouvée avec plaisir lors de son retour au Luxembourg et avions à nouveau eu la chance de bénéficier de sa grande expérience en impact finance. Son départ prématuré laisse un grand vide que le souvenir de son engagement, son professionnalisme et sa gentillesse ne parviendra que partiellement à combler. Nos vives pensées vont à sa famille et à ses proches en ces moments de grande tristesse.”

Jacques et Sophie Grivel

“C’est avec une beaucoup de tristesse qu’ a appris le décès de Corinne. Son enthousiasme et énergie pour la finance inclusive et d’impact rayonnaient au Luxembourg. Par son implication dans de nombreuses associations et projets, elle a contribué à sensibiliser à l’importance d’une finance responsable et durable pour les générations futures.

L’équipe et le conseil d’administration d’ adressent à sa famille, ses proches et collègues d’Innpact et d’ADA leurs condoléances les plus sincères.

We are extremely saddened by the untimely departure of Corinne. In difficult times like this, we can only remember the positive influence that a person has had on the world. Corinne's passion, vision and pragmatic execution of sustainable and inclusive financing has impacted, and will continue to improve, the lives of many. This is a beautiful legacy that will not be forgotten. We wish Corinne's loved ones and the Innpact team courage in this dark moment.”

The team

““It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Corinne. She was a highly appreciated within the sustainable finance community in Luxembourg and beyond. Corinne was a strong example of solution-oriented positive thinker. She has been an inspiring supporter to aspiring impact investing fund starters and entrepreneurs. She will be missed. On behalf of my team, I would like to express our sympathy to Corinne’s family and colleagues”.”

Cyrille AntignacUBERIS

“We at LMDF/FCCF were very saddened and shocked to hear of Corinne’s death. She has been a real inspiration for us and we have all admired her talent, enthusiasm, energy and kindness. Corinne’s presence will be sorely missed in Luxembourg and in the Maison de la Microfinance in particular. Our thoughts are with Corinne’s family and we send our condolences. May Corinne rest in peace, but may her legacy of promoting responsible finance live on.”


“It is with great sadness that we learn of Corinne’s passing, and our deepest condolences to her family, friends and colleagues in this very difficult time.”

With sympathy, the team at IWC

“All our sympathy to Corinne's Husband and Children and to all her Family Members and to her Friends and Colleagues.
Corinne never hesitated to take a pen, a microphone or her phone to advocate sustainability at large and to actively engage through numerous mandates in this field. Time she gave without counting to good causes is invaluable and will remain a true legacy. We are grateful to her but so saddened to mourn her.”

Women Role In Philanthropy

“I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Corinne over a period of some 15 years, in her different roles. At the Banque de Luxembourg, pushing for a bigger commitment to sustainability; at Innpact servicing investment funds pioneering innovative sustainable strategies; and latterly as the driving force for ICFA, an incubator for start up impact fund management teams around the world. Whatever the context she was always one of the brightest lights in the room, full of ideas and energy, pushing herself and colleagues forward, wanting to progress faster towards a better world, building on what Luxembourg could uniquely offer to the global problems of climate, environment and society. We didn’t always agree, but we always had a constructive conversation, built a compromise, and stayed friends. She touched lives far beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy, and it and the wider world will be a poorer place without her. The most fitting tribute to her memory will be to continue her work.”

Christopher Knowles

“It is with deep sorrow that we learned of the passing of Corinne Molitor, Chairwoman at ADA, Partner at Innpact, and Head of the ICFA Luxembourg. At Add-Value we had the privilege to count on Corinne´s support and guidance in the development of the SMAF, our climate adaptation fund and one of the awardees of the ICFA. Her passion and commitment towards financial inclusion and impact investment remains an example and inspiration to us all. Our deepest condolences to her family, colleagues, and friends.”

Add-Value Team

“..Accepter le départ de Corinne n est pas chose facile ...comment se résoudre à ce qu elle soit partie si tôt , si vite ...impossible ...depuis cette terrible nouvelle je ne cesse de penser à elle j ai une image fen tête son sourire et la bonté dans ses yeux ...une très belle personne à quitté ce monde ...Se dire aujourd hui qu on a eu cette chance de la côtoyer, de partager un bout de chemin avec elle ...Qu ‘elle repose en paix que de là où elle est , elle puisse nous observer et qu elle soit fière de nous voir poursuivre tous ensemble la voie qu elle a tracée .......”

Valérie Arnold

“Corinne, tu nous manques déjà terriblement. Mais je sais que tu as transmis une énergie incroyable à tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de croiser ton chemin, à quelque titre que ce soit. Passés un peu le choc et la grande tristesse, le flambeau sera repris, il n y a aucun doute.”

Anne Contreras