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DELANO: How corporate culture is determining our future

03 March 2022 | 1min to read

Just out! Delano interviewed Arnaud Gillin and Patrick Goodman, Founding Partners Innpact, about their B-Corp certification: what change does it make to be a B-Corp today? The article was published on Tuesday 2 March 2022.

As a mission driven company, and first B Corp in Luxembourg since 2015, the aim of Innpact is to build the #impact finance ecosystem to increase the financing of high impact projects. But becoming a B Corp has also stimulated us to formalise and improve many aspects of our company, from internal governance to external relationships with our clients, and even “partner” competitors.

Positive changes continue to take place silently and underline a cultural (r)evolution in businesses that is spreading to an increasing number of companies.

Read the complete interview on Delano website.

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