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ARTE: Innpact is in the air!

22 April 2022 | 1min to read

Patrick Goodman, Co-Founding Partner of Innpact answered questions from ARTE journalists for their report “Luxembourg launches into sustainable finance”. This report was broadcast on the French channel of the group on 18 April 2022. In question: Innpact’s signature of the open letter launched by Greenpeace Luxembourg and calling on government actors to work for an even more sustainable financial centre.

Long associated with a tax haven, Luxembourg has been working to rebuild its image for many years and is now a good example of an increasingly sustainable financial centre. While many efforts have been made, they need to be continued, supported and increased over time.

“There are some funds that will have poverty reduction as an objective, others that will have climate action, others that will have more social action. (…) If some actors invest in sustainable finance to make money, if in the end it benefits the planet and it benefits society, I say why not. Provided there are safeguards”, says Patrick Goodman.

But all efforts are welcome, and while the latest IPCC report estimates that we have three years left to reverse climate change, efforts must be pursued together to make it possible.

A programme – in French – that must be seen in its entirety:

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