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Innpact Insights #5

Introduction to ESG risk management | Vital information for your impact fund

18 March 2024 | 1min to read

Fund managers focusing on sustainable investment are now paying more attention to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in their risk management.

As sustainability becomes more important, those in impact investment are trying to figure out the best ways to include ESG factors in their investment analysis and decision-making. ESG risks are complex and need a careful approach to balance financial performance and positive impact.

Our new Innpact Insights article, “Introduction to ESG Risk Management,” is a helpful starting point. It offers a clear plan for including ESG factors in your investment process.

❍ What is ESG Risk Management?

❍ Why is ESG important to Impact Investing?

❍ Improving investment performance with ESG.

This guide uses our wide experience in impact finance to explain key ideas, concepts, and practical steps for effective ESG integration. It highlights how looking at things through a sustainability lens can help reduce risk and find new opportunities.

Check out this quick guide, designed to strengthen your investment strategy with a quick understanding of ESG risk management vital information.

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As a leading impact finance specialist, we assist our clients with our expertise in navigating the challenges presented by ESG risk management.

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