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New reports: MEF Annual Report and Impact Report 2019 – supported by Innpact

30 October 2020 | 1min to read

The Fund closed the financial year 2019 with USD 770 million in total assets and recorded an outstanding net portfolio of USD 566 million placed with 133 MFIs in 43 countries. The low average loan amount per borrower (USD 1,801) underscores that the activities of MEF and its partner MFIs serve predominantly the microfinance segment. The Fund has demonstrated strong outreach to women as well as micro and small entrepreneurs and has progressively increased its offer of local currency financing to allow effective de-risking of its partner MFIs.

Set up as a public-private partnership, MEF combines an innovative and efficient structure with the expertise of four leading private investment advisors (BlueOrchard Finance AG, Incofin Investment Management, responsAbility Investments AG and Symbiotics SA) under the coordination of Innpact S.à.r.l as the General Secretary of MEF. The Investment Advisors are supervised by the Investment Committee and the Board of Directors.

Since the inception of the Fund in 2009 Innpact has been central to the development of the MEF in supporting its Investment Advisors, Investment Committee and Board of Directors.

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