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Innpact Insights #3

Pre-marketing and marketing of alternative investment funds in the EU/EEA

23 February 2023 | 1min to read

Fund raising is the biggest challenge for all funds and pre-marketing is a key component of a successful launch.

However, the pre-marketing process needs to follow certain rules and regulation. From August 2021, EU legislation and amendments to existing directives established new rules for the cross-border pre-marketing activities of your alternative investment fund within the EU and EEA Member States for further harmonisation and clarity.

  • What are the new rules for the pre-marketing of your investment fund?
  • How to rapidly engage with an AIFM for pre-marketing services?
  • What are the different steps to follow? How long does it take?
  • And what is our pre-marketing process for reaching out to investors?

All you need to know is here in our Innpact Insight #3 “Pre-marketing and marketing of alternative investment funds in the EU/EEA” which offers you a complete guide with key explanations, tips, and a particular focus on the expanded role of the AIFM to support fund initiators. Don’t miss this essential step for the successful launch of your fund.

How we can guide you

As an authorised AIFM in Luxembourg and approved by the CSSF for private equity (including VC), private debt and fund of funds, Innpact Fund Management S.A. can be your partner for pre-marketing in the EU/EEA.

Our AIFM provides Risk Management, Compliance, Portfolio Management, Reporting and Pre-Marketing and Marketing services for its clients.

Our experts

Want to know more about our pre-marketing services? Contact our experts directly by clicking on the link below.

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Patrick Goodman Innpact

Patrick Goodman

Valtteri Valpas picture

Valtteri Valpas
Conducting Officer
Portfolio Management

Michael White picture

Michael White
Associate Director
Head of Business Development

Melis Tuna

Melis Tuna
Senior Legal Officer

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