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EPCGF – European Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund

Middle East

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted

Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #1 No Poverty Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #10 Reduced Inequalities

Description of the Project

EPCGF’s aim is to broaden the credit access in an underserved small and medium enterprises (SME) market because of lack or insufficient collateral and to enable SMEs to either survive, regain some lost capacity, job retention, recreation or creation.

Innpact contribution

Support to the design and structuring of the fund as a foundation.

Project Factsheet

  • Name : European Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund’s (EPCGF)
  • Inception : 2008
  • Domicile: The Netherlands
  • Initiators : European Commission and the Federal Republic of Germany through KfW Entwicklungsbank and European Investment Bank
  • Sector : SME finance
  • Geographic Focus : Middle East, Palestine
  • Indirect investments : Local banks, microfinance institutions
  • End‐Beneficiaries : SMEs
  • Financial Instruments : loan guarantees
  • Type : revolving guarantee fund
  • Info : 

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