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Triodos Microfinance Fund


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted

Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #1 No Poverty Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #2 Zero Hunger Innpact United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5 Gender Equality

Description of the Project

The Triodos Microfinance Fund primarily invests, either directly or indirectly, in microfinance institutions (MFIs), that provide funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME FIs) and other relevant financial institutions with a solid track record.

Innpact contribution

Innpact supported the Triodos Microfinance Fund on the financial model.

Project Factsheet

  • Name : Triodos Microfinance Fund
  • Inception : 2008
  • Initiators : Triodos Bank
  • Investment Manager: Triodos Investment Management
  • Sector : Microfinance
  • Geographic Focus : Latin America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Type : Debt & Equity Fund
  • Info :

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