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Innpact Insights #4

EU Environmental Taxonomy: eligible, aligned or just overwhelmed?

12 June 2023 | 1min to read

Even the most experienced impact fund managers find it daunting to apply the EU Taxonomy to their funds.

Many impact finance actors are frustrated by the “impossible” standards set and feel that the regulation is overly complicated. But the impact finance community should shift its perspective to see the regulation for what it is: a roadmap for progress.

Our new Innpact Insights article about the “EU Environmental Taxonomy: eligible, aligned, or just overwhelmed?” is a quick, practical guide to applying the Taxonomy regulation to your impact fund.

❍ What is the EU Taxonomy?

❍ How to determine eligibility?

❍ How to determine alignment?

❍ What are the requirements at the investee level and at the fund level?

Our Advisory and Legal teams have put all their expertise into producing a sharp, precise and accessible guide packed with key definitions, case studies and advice to help you understand the requirements of the EU Taxonomy regulation.

How we can guide you

A leading impact finance specialist, Innpact has built strong expertise in supporting his clients with the challenges posed by the SFDR and the EU Taxonomy.

Our experts

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Adriana Balducci

Adriana Balducci
Associate Director
Head of Advisory Services

Morgana Bourggraf

Morgana Bourggraf
Senior Consultant

Chantal Genovese

Chantal Genovese


Camille Pavy
Legal Officer

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