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Innpact launches first third-party AIFM dedicated to impact finance

30 September 2019 | 1min to read

Innpact, the Luxembourg based consulting company specialised in impact finance, founded in 2007 by Patrick Goodman and Arnaud Gillin, is delighted to announce major developments. Innpact’s fully-owned subsidiary, Innpact Fund Management SA, has been added to the list of authorised AIFMs by the CSSF effective on 25 September 2019. Innpact Fund Management is the first third-party AIFM in Luxembourg entirely dedicated to impact finance. It provides state-of-the-art portfolio and risk management services to third-party investment managers and advisors investing in private equity and private debt with the purpose to create intentional, sustainable and measurable social and environmental impact.

“Our AIFM services build on our 12 years’ expertise in providing structuring, management and investment support services for impact finance vehicles investing in sectors such as microfinance and SME finance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, agriculture and conservation and making a meaningful contribution to the achievement of the sustainable development goals”, says Patrick Goodman.

“With Innpact Fund Management, we add a corner stone to our overall service offering, that will provide increased added value for innovative impact advisors and managers, investing in a wide range of geographies. Thus, we also support the further development of the impact finance expertise and experience present in Luxembourg since more than a decade”, says Corinne Molitor, who joined Innpact three years ago after a career of more than 20 years in the Luxembourg banking industry.

Corinne, who is a Partner at Innpact, together with Patrick and Arnaud, leads a number of sustainable, climate and microfinance initiatives in Luxembourg. She is furthermore one of the three Conducting Officers of Innpact Fund Management, together with Michael White, Conducting Officer Portfolio Management and Rosa López Pérez, Conducting Officer Risk Management.

Moreover, Innpact is thrilled to welcome Todd Farrington as new Head of Portfolio Management Support Services. Prior to joining Innpact, Todd worked 10 years at Symbiotics, the microfinance fund manager, heading their Latin American team based in Mexico. Prior to this, he served as Director Equity Investments of Accion Global Investments and was co-founder and General Manager of MicroRate, the specialised microfinance rating agency, from 1997 to 2006.

“The appointment of Todd Farrington is another important step for Innpact as it strengthens our capacity to help impact investment advisors reach their objectives. Todd brings essential expertise in the structuring and management of impact finance transactions. His 20 years’ investment experience will greatly benefit our partners in designing and deploying sound and impactful investment strategies”, says Arnaud Gillin.

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