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Press Release

Launch of Imagine Impact Bonds

22 September 2022 | 4min to read

Innpact partners with Opportunity to launch Imagine Impact Bonds, the first white label impact bond issuance platform.

Luxembourg, 20 September 2022 – Leading impact finance advisory firm Innpact S.A. joins forces with Opportunity Financial Services S.A. (formerly Finimmo Financial Services), a leader in the administration of securitisation platforms, to provide easy access for impact projects to capital markets. Imagine Impact Bonds (‘Imagine’) is set up as a Luxembourg securitisation vehicle and will enable impact project developers, investment advisors, and fund managers to attract new types of private investors through an easy and effective issuance of quality, high-impact bonds.

Securitisation is a powerful tool for financing impact projects in a fast and cost-efficient manner while meeting the structuring, transferability, and transparency standards required by institutional impact investors. Imagine provides the impact investing sector with a new tool to connect impact projects and impact investors through a streamlined issuance process while allowing for a tailored approach to cater for the specific needs of each impact project.

Targeting bond projects from as low as €5m and up to €50m, Imagine offers a turnkey solution for syndication, warehousing, managed accounts, co-investments, and blended finance approaches. Focusing only on high-impact projects, Imagine promotes the use of the highest impact principles, such as the Operating Principles for Impact Management and the Green Bond Principles (GBP), the Social Bond Principles (SBP), and the Sustainability Bond Guidelines (SBG) as set out by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

Arnaud Gillin, Co-Founder of Innpact, stated: “Since 2007, Innpact has never stopped innovating to support the development of impact finance. We pioneered the structuring of numerous blended finance funds, designed tailored governance support to impact funds, initiated acceleration programs for first-time managers, and launched the first third-party AIFM fully dedicated to impact. By creating Imagine, we continue to build the impact ecosystem and extend the list of affordable and fast time-to-market options to deploy an impact finance strategy.”

“We are very pleased and proud to bring our almost 20 years of experience in securitisation to the financing of projects benefiting people and the planet. At Opportunity, we believe that sustainable finance should become the norm. We are excited by this partnership with Innpact. Through the creation of Imagine, we want to contribute to the transition towards a more inclusive economy” said Adrien Rollé, CEO of Opportunity Financial Services S.A.

Powered by the legal experience of CMS Luxembourg, Imagine aims to be the go-to platform for the financing of impact projects across all regions, sizes, or SDG contributions. The platform will soon partner with leading institutions to design ad hoc issuance programs to promote specific social or environmental targets such as sustainable land use, health, education, gender smart investing, or high-impact carbon projects.

“Within 5 years, we aim to mobilise the equivalent of €5bn of funding from private investors to contribute to the SDGs. In addition to contributing to the mainstreaming of impact finance, we will improve ESG & impact management practices in the market and support impact themes facing fundraising challenges”, said Sigridur Torfadottir, Associate Director at Innpact and Head of Development of Imagine Impact Bonds.

Imagine a world where all impact projects get funded within a matter of weeks. Fast-track your impact projects with Imagine Impact Bonds. Visit

About Imagine 

Imagine Impact Bonds is an independent white-label issuance platform for impact project bonds, notes and certificates. Imagine is a collaboration between Innpact, a leading impact finance advisory and management company, and Opportunity, an experienced manager of securitisation vehicles. The platform is setup as a Securitisation Vehicle under Luxembourg Law with a segregated compartment for each impact project bond issuance. This allows for high efficiency and tailoring at the same time. Each security is issued under a solid use of proceeds impact framework aligned with the highest standards such as the Green, and Social Bond Principles and the Sustainability Guidelines of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

About Innpact 

Innpact S.A. is a leading impact finance specialist providing advisory and third-party fund management services. With 50 impact experts based in Luxembourg and Mauritius, the group has unrivaled expertise in designing and managing impact funds and blended finance vehicles with over 30 impact funds created over the past 15 years. Innpact S.A. actively supports 20 existing impact funds with fund management and impact measurement and management services. The group works with fund managers, sponsors, and investors around the world on impact investing projects targeting the Sustainable Development Goals totaling more than $8 bn.

About Opportunity 

Opportunity Financial Services S.A. is an independent company providing corporate and fund administration services to regulated and non-regulated entities registered in Luxembourg. With 20 years of experience, Opportunity Financial Services S.A.  is an innovative leader in integrated solutions for institutional, corporate, start-ups and private clients, serving over 400 structures in a wide variety of business sectors: real estate, private equity, ESG/Impact alternative investment structures, tokenisation, securitisation vehicles, investment firms and management companies.

About CMS 

CMS is a future-facing law firm. Active in Luxembourg since 2011, CMS provides support to local and international clients on all legal and tax aspects of their operations in the Grand-Duchy. Present in over 40 countries and with 5,000+ lawyers worldwide, CMS combines deep local market understanding with a global perspective. This enables them to anticipate the future and to actively help clients face the challenges ahead, such as moving towards more sustainable business models impacting every aspect of economic and business policy, from clean energy, sustainable finance and green urban planning to responsible tax.


Press contact 

Alice de Kerdrel

See the press release for more information
See the press release for more information

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