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Supported by Innpact for over 10 years MEF reaches USD 2 Billion loan disbursements

15 July 2019 | 1min to read

With USD 2 billion disbursed since it was launched in February 2009, the MEF has supported close to 200 financial institutions active in the microfinance space in 54 developing countries worldwide. After 10 years of successful operations, MEF has an outstanding portfolio of USD 600 million invested in 118 financial institutions, reaching to 488,000 final borrowers. MEF’s mission is to provide a stable and reliable source of regular debt and liquidity funding to financial institutions which support microfinance and micro-enterprises in developing countries through greater access to financial services.

MEF has also announced the arrival of Incofin Investment Management as a new Investment Advisor in addition to the existing Investment Advisors BlueOrchard Finance AG, responsAbility Investments AG and Symbiotics SA.

Innpact supported IFC, KfW and OeEB in the establishment of the MEF in February 2009, as a response to the financial crisis of 2008. Since then Innpact has been central to the development of the MEF in supporting its Investment Advisors, Investment Committee and Board of Directors. MEF’s total assets are expected to exceed USD 700 million by mid-July 2019 with a new private investor having subscribed EUR 25 million in Notes of the MEF.

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