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Training in COVID times

24 June 2020 | 1min to read

In times of COVID-19, business continuity is one thing – and at Innpact we were able to shift to work-from-home swiftly and have managed that rather well thanks to our staff – dedicated, motivated, and with a smile -true to our mission and values.

Continuing people development, perhaps against the odds in such times, is something we encourage – be that training, peer exposure or networking, coaching and mentoring or other ways. All of this has been virtual, of course, and even more self-motivated and self-driven. There has been participation in e-learning, for instance to hone project management skills, or in e-conferences or webinars and internal learning workshops as well, such as on AML / Anti Money Laundering.

Recruiting and onboarding is another and quite a different challenge. Three colleagues have already joined while working remotely, with two more joining soon, and recruiting continues. So our onboarding went virtual as well and has been a real success: learning the ropes on the new job, on policies and procedures, and getting to know and working with your colleagues in virtual team sessions and company meetings.

It is rewarding to see the team grow – from within and with new hires!

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