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Interview by Delano Magazine

“A B Corp with a good score attracts”

06 December 2022 | 1min to read

Paola D’Angelo, Associate Director, Head of Sustainability and Head of Independent Directorship Services at Innpact, answered questions from Abigail Okorodus of Delano Magazine about our B Corp Certification.

Innpact got its first B Corp certification in 2015, making it the first of its kind in Luxembourg and a trend-setter for future B Corps in this country.

Paola evoked the long renewal process, taking place every 3 years, and getting more and more challenging: “we need to continuously ask ourselves whether we are doing the right thing with the best possible level of transparency and professionalism.” The B Corp key ingredients?

“Company values, partnership, openness, transparency and adaptability are some ingredients that help the company maintain excellence”.

The B Corp certification has turned into a virtuous circle, encouraging the company to “become better”, and attracting a large number of employees. But it has also opened the way to fascinating new projects and possibilities.

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